Make Your Smile Sparkle With ToothJewelry™

While jewelry and “bling” have been around for centuries, tooth jewelry has just started finding popularity in recent years. It is a great way for people to express themselves in a friendly and flashy way.

Express yourself with ToothJewelry™! Made of 18k yellow or white gold, some tooth jewelry may also include a .01 ct or .03 ct diamond or artificial rubies and sapphires. ToothJewelry is a creative way to express your individuality.

ToothJewelry is applied by a cosmetic dentist with a small amount of adhesive. The backside of ToothJewelry is specifically patented to ensure a secure bond to the surface of the tooth so the jewelry can be worn indefinitely. However, it can also be easily removed or replaced by a dentist.

The possibilities for showing your personality with tooth jewelry are endless. You will find all manner of shapes, sized, colors, and materials.

If you choose to use tooth jewelry, you will want to become educated on their proper application and care. It is best for them to be professionally applied. It will also be an absolute necessity that you practice thorough oral hygiene in order to avoid plaque and bacteria build up around the flashy bling.